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Consultancy in K9 dogs Military, Police, Private Sector Security, Assessment of Provided K9 dog Services, Procurement of equipment and K9s, Breeding program.
Consultancy K9 Police, Military

Consultancy K9 dogs Police, Military

Ultimate K9 dogs Solutions is a specialized company that provides Consultancy Services to K9 Units for Police and Military Organizations.

Consultancy Private Sector Security Companies

Consultancy Private Sector Security Companies

We at UK9S offer different packages for the Security Companies that they want to thrive and succeed in their competitive environment.

Assessment of Provided K9 Services

Assessment of Provided K9 dog Services

We offer specialized services in Patrol / Detection and we can cooperate with your Security Provider in order for you to have the best of dog Services without hassle.

Procurement of K9s and equipment

Procurement of K9 dogs and equipment

We offer green dogs (partially trained on primary drives), Detection, Dual Purpose(Police-Military) and SpecOps.

Breeding Assessment and Program

Breeding Assessment and Program

We are providing dogs from our Breeding program after thorough search and courageous tests that all our selected dogs must pass through in order to participate on that.

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  • Superior K9 Training and Consultancy in East Africa
  • Solid development for your immediate and future needs
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Value for money approach
  • No hidden fees
  • Flexible to budget solutions

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